About Festival

About Festival

October 4 - October 20, 2019

Festival Programme

  • October 8, 2019

    7 p.m

    Petra Hrašćanec – workshop presentation

    The presentation is the result of the process of Form & Function workshop with dancers of Rijeka and mentor Petra Hrašćanec.

    *in case of rain the programme will be held in Filodrammatica

  • October 10, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    Nouvelle vague @ Periskop
    8 p.m

    Compagnie PLI

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    Through an exploration of medieval images, trivial ditties, and grotesque paintings, Muyte Maker celebrates disobedient and irrational bodies. It examines joy as a physical and existential statement: joy as desire and creative potential, going against the grain of morality, and as a physical distortion or contradiction. The four women performers sing copiously, laugh polyphonically, dance blindly, and chat cacophonously, in an attempt to render the full complexity of their bodies.

    Flora Détraz has a ballet background and follows literature studies. She enters the course at Centre Chorégraphique National Lyon, under Maguy Marin, and then completed the choreographic studies at Pepcc, Forum Dança, in Lisbon. She had the opportunity to meet artists as Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Vera Mantero, Lia Rodrigues, Meredith Monk, Loïc Touzé, Meg Stuart, Jonathan Burrows, Diane Broman, among others, who influence her work. She started making her pieces in 2013, questioning the relationship between voice and movements: Peuplements (2013), Gesächt (2014), Tutuguri (2016), Muyte Maker (2018). As a performer, she works with the choreographers Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Miguel Pereira, Laurent Cebe, Sara Anjo. She is currently performing on the shows Bacchae, prelude for a purge by Marlene Monteiro Freitas. And Sacro by Sara Anjo. She is choreographer assistant for the piece Anarchismos by Pablo Fidalgo. 


    Choreography: Flora Détraz

    Performers: Mathilde Bonicel, Inês Campos, Agnès Potié and Flora Détraz

    Light design: Arthur Gueydan

    Set and costume design: Camille Lacroix

    Sound: Guillaume Vesin

    Support in dramaturgy: Anaïs Dumaine

    Production: Aline Berthou

    Production: PLI

    Coproductions: Ramdam-un centre d'art – Lyon (Fr), CCN de Caen, direction Alban Richard (Fr), Pact-Zollverein – Essen (De), Chorège, Relais Culturel du Pays de Falaise (Fr), L'Avant-scène – Cognac (Fr), La Place de la danse, CDCN Toulouse (Fr), Le réseau des Petites Scènes Ouvertes (Fr), Festival Alkantara within [DNA] Departures and Arrivals co-financed by Creative Europe program of the European Union (Pt)

    This program is presented in cooperation with Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak as part of the programme Nouvelle vague – contemporary French dance scene and co-financed by TEATROSKOP and French Institute.

  • October 11, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    New Circus @ Periskop
    8 p.m

    Un loup pour l'homme

    Four acrobats put into play the sure strength and power of their living bodies. Their path is an obstacle course, made up of surprising and playful acrobatic games in which they constantly invent the rules. Walking, running, catching, grabbing, climbing, climbing further, always moving forward…

    «Knowing you will lose does not prevent from struggling», as these four acrobats tell us, obstinately obliging themselves to the feat and relishing each challenge, taking us together with their bodies to the limits of their physiological reality and at the edges of the laws of physics. With a script written as rules of a game, FACE NORD is an attempt to revive in humankind the playful innocence of a child, hence the origins and essential values of our acrobatic quest.

    The circus company Un Loup pour l’Homme explores partner acrobatics as a language to depict a vision of humanity made up of social individuals, as different as they are dependent from each other. We consider hand-to-hand balancing as the physical confrontation of two bodies or more, to reveal the richness and complexity of human relations.

    With: Alexandre Fray, Mika Lafforgue or André Rosenfeld, Arno Ferrera and Sergi Parés

    Staging: Un loup pour l’homme & Pierre Déaux

    Dramaturgy: Bauke Lievens

    Sound design: Jean-Damien Ratel

    Light design: Thierry Robert

    Costumes: Emmanuelle Grobet

    Technical team: Pierre-Jean Faggiani and Laurent Mulowsky

    Administration: Caroline Cardoso

    Tour management: Lou Henry

    Production: Compagnie Un loup pour l'homme

    Coproduction: L’Hippodrome de Douai (FR) - Le Bateau Feu / Scène nationale Dunkerque (FR) - Festival Theater Op de Markt, Neerpelt (BE) - Cirque théâtre d’Elbeuf, Centre des arts du cirque de Haute-Normandie (FR)- Le Sirque, Pôle Cirque de Nexon en Limousin (FR)- EPPGHV, La Villette, Paris (FR) – Equinoxe- Scène nationale de Châteauroux (FR)

    Public partners: DRAC Nord pas de calais - Région Nord pas de calais – DGCA

    This show is presented in the framework of the project Ride&Camp, carried by Un loup pour l'homme, supported by Teatroskop (a programme initiated by French Institute, Ministry of Culture and Communication and Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), City of Lille and Région Hauts-de-France, in partnership with French Institute. Un loup pour l'homme is supported by DRAC Hauts-de-France (French Ministry of Culture) through support to conventioned companies.

    FACE NORD #2 #3
  • October 12, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    8 p.m

    Roberta Milevoj

    While analyzing the footage and photographs of communities of African elephants and observing the complex laws relating to their behavior, the choreographer paid special attention to the recognition of the potential of their physical and emotional intelligence, and their moving habitus became a template for a dance piece in which eight dancers create different perspectives on the relationship and experience of the performance space. By reshaping the original natural structures, by translating them into the artificial performance space, the piece creates a specific choreographic community which is formed from the discourse about nature and becomes the discourse about corporality. Through exploring the world of animals, Family presents on stage the issues of coexistence in the world of humans, looking for new meanings of active presence in the community. 

    Roberta Milevoj is a professional dancer, choreographer, and pedagogue born in Pula in 1979. She gained dance experience through many workshops, residential programs at home and abroad and developed her authorial and performing signature. She collaborated with many choreographers, directors and dance ensembles. She is an award-winning performer and was a part of apap – Performing Europe from 2014 to 2016. She lives and works in Zagreb.

    Choreography: Roberta Milevoj

    Performed by: Filipa Bavčević, Silvija Dogan, Antonia Dorbić, Ana Jelušić, Katarina Rilović, Sara Škrobe, Lana Šprajcer, Mia Zalukar

    Music: Nenad Sinkauz

    Lighting design: Bojan Gagić

    Advisor: Matija Ferlin

    Graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin

    Photography: Damir Žižić

    Translation: Ana Uglešić

    Production: Roberta Milevoj ( Nikad kraja ) and Multimedijalna koliba


    Residency and financial support: 

    Pogon – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth as part of the Pogonator programme, San Vincenti Mediterranean Dance Centre, Zagreb Dance Centre, Ganz novi festival organised by the Zagreb Student Centre initiative Kultura promjene

    Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Zagreb Office for Education, Culture, and Sports


    A ‘thank you’ to the participants of the workshops Slonovi, Lana Hosni, Martina Tomić, Nina Gojić, Hrvoje Zalukar, Jasna Žmak, Martina Granić, Igor Lušić, Roza and Agata, personnel of ZPC, Ekscena

  • October 14, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    8 p.m

    Zadar Dance Ensemble

    The inscription „Song Against Women“, dating back to the 16th century, is a template for a performance intertwining music, text and dance forms through activist attitude depicting more than a hundred years old perception of women in this area. This Middle-Aged inscription has been found in Tkonian Collection on the Pašman Island, next to Zadar. It is written in the cursive Glagolitic script which served as an inspiration for a dance form. By “writing” the text with bodies, movements, and gestures, the dancers create sequences of movement in a new dimension. The performance premiered as a part of the 24th Zadar Summer Theatre Festival in 2018.

    The Zadar Dance Ensemble has on several occasions produced performances that connect contemporary performing arts with the Croatian traditions (I.  B. Mažuranić: Potjeh;  Razgovor duše i tijela – prenje, Tri Marije hojehu (Tkonski zbornik), S. Škrinjarić: Plesna haljina Gdina. Ž. Maslačka), (P. Zoranić: Planine). Zadar has a rich cultural heritage related to Glagolitic literature and church drama. This text is another in a series of projects that draw on the neglected medieval tradition of the Zadar area. The aim is to modernize the stage presentation of national works of art of great value, yet unknown to a wider audience, in the Year of European Cultural Heritage.

    Concept, choreography and direction: Sanja Petrovski

    Choreographer's Assistant: Matea Bilosnić

    Choreographers of dance miniatures and dancers: Patricia Gospić, Natali Perić, Rubi Ivosić, Nataša Kustura, Marta Huber

    Voice: Tamara Šoletić

    Costumes: Marija Šarić Ban

    Light design, camera: Igor Petrovski

    Sound design: Tomislav Kraljević Šome

    Voice record: Saša Miočić

    Graphic design: Igor Gluić


    This program is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia

  • October 15, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    8 p.m

    Katerina Andreou

    BSTRD is a solo performance, based on the notions of impurity and hybridisation: what if the idea of purity is an illusion and everything was made of a much more complex material, so that the question would not be focused on the origin (or originality), but on the final function or/and impact to the rest? Inspired mostly by House culture's practice of amalgamation, Katerina Andreou is interested in developing a physicality that can carefully serve the concept of pure impurity, plus on the creation of a vinyl as scenography and tool of the political and poetic discourse of a bastardised figure, free of all enclosure and codification, but respectful to its reality.

    Katerina Andreou, born in Athens in 1982, she is based in France and makes dances, music, and choreography. She graduated both from the Law School- University of Athens, and the State School of Dance in Athens. As a scholar of the greek foundation “K.Pratsika”, she attended the program ESSAIS in CNDC d' Angers in 2011, under the direction of Emmanuelle Huyhn, and holds today a master degree of Paris 8 on research and choreography. She was a Danceweb scholar in Impulstanz Festival in Vienna in 2015. As a dancer, she collaborated among others with DD Dorvillier, Lenio Kaklea, Bryan Campbell, Dinis Machado, Emmanuelle Huynh, Ana Rita Teodoro. In her work, she is interested in developing states of presence sorting out from a constant negotiation between contrasted tasks, fictions, and universes, often questioning the relation to ideas as authority and autonomy, communication and censorship. She often makes the music design of her own pieces. She was awarded the choreography price Prix Jardin d'Europe, in ImpulsTanz Festival in 2016 for the solo dance piece A kind of fierce. She is a Panorama Artist of the network Departures and Arrivals (DNA).

    Choreography and performance: Katerina Andreou

    Sound design: Katerina Andreou in collaboration with Eric Yvelin

    Light Design: Yannick Fouassier

    Outside Eye: Myrto Katsiki, Lynda Rahal

    Sound Engineering: Tal Agam or Eric Yvelin

    Production: Mi-Maï / Bark

    Production, bookings: Elodie Perrin


    Coproducers: Onassis Stegi, Atelier de Paris / CDCN, Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans, Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie, La place de la danse CDC de Toulouse, Ballet de Marseille.

    Partners: Ménagerie de verre Studiolab, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Réservoir Danse Rennes, ImpulsTanz Festival (residency Jardin D’Europe Award ) / CN D Pantin (résidence augmentée)/ La CABINE (PAD), Reservoir Danse Rennes, MonitorFest Heraclion.

    With the support of ARCADI and DRAC Ile de France

    PREMIERE: 5th Young Choreographers Festival, ONASSIS STEGI, Athens

    BSTRD #2 #3
  • October 16, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    8 p.m

    Filipa Bavčević

    What if the man's idea of colonizing other planets becomes reality? Are we capable of creating a world better than the existing one, or will that new world also be burdened with the old values and our relationship to the other, to our environment, to natural resources, to other species? In the imagined universe of this dance piece, the authors and performers turn the point of view upside down, equalizing the useful with the useless, the worth with the worthless, the functional with the dysfunctional, the logical with the illogical, by attributing the same importance to all things and phenomenons, finding a new purpose in them and creating a new set of values. The patterns of a possible world reveal the lack of logic and the absurdity of the existing one. The situations on stage offer a glimpse into a different but possible reality; they don't give definite answers or conclusions but are undoubtedly meant as a subtle critique of today's society.


    Koncept: Filipa Bavčević
    Koreografija i izvedba: Filipa Bavčević i Mia Zalukar
    Glazba: Hrvoje Nikšić
    Svjetlo: Marino Frankola
    Tekst i dramaturška podrška (ZPC): Ivana Slunjski
    Video i fotografija: Hrvoje Zalukar
    Montaža trailera: Willem Miličević


    Filipa Bavčević graduated from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2014. During her professional career, she has been involved in various projects, collaborating with: Simone Forti, David Hernandez, Heine Avdal, Yukiko Shinozaki, Jozef Frucek, Linda Kapetane, Sanja Petrovski, Lad Petrovski Ternovšek, Petra Hrašćanec, Saša Božić, Robert Marjanet , Josip Štulić, Mijo Zalukar, Mateo Bilosnić, Irma Omerzo, Martin Granić and others. She has performed in Croatia and abroad. She is part of the production team of Stream Workshops and the Monoplay Festival in Zadar. In 2019, together with longtime friend and colleague Mia Zalukar, she creates her first full-length authorial work, „Proxima b“.

    Mia Zalukar is a dance artist and choreographer from Zagreb. Educated in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). In 2015, together with her colleagues, she received the Croatian Dancers Association Award for the best performing company for a piece Variations on a sensitive by choreographer Marjana Krajač. In 2016 she was nominated for the Croatian Theatre Award in the category of he best female act in Bruno Isaković’s shows „Nečastive“ / „Denuded“ and „Raskrinkavanje“ / „Disclosures“. With Bruno Isaković she founds Malo sutra, an art organisation that produces it fist show „Shake it off“ in 2018. 

  • October 7, 2019

    New Horizons @ Periskop
    8 p.m


    Through the dance we explore the problems of communication, pull them out of the context of everyday life and transfer into the theater, trying to get answers or new questions. We explore levels of communication from the simplest transfer of messages from sender to recipient, to other complex components that make conversation. In this game without conclusion, we are leaving an opportunity for playful thoughts free of content, to be part of us.

    The Artist Organization Škvadra is a group of 8 young professional dance artists who create their opportunities, cooperations, and projects. Guided by the need for changing and refreshing dance art in Croatia, Škvadra's interest is not only focused on theater performances but also on exploring alternative venues, site-specific performances, different ways of advertising and promoting dance art. Škvadra has realized two projects, the first site-specific performance in Mesnička Street entitled „Punopravno“ / „Full“ (premiere in October 2018) and „Ne čujem te, mrak je“ / „I Can't Hear You, it's dark“ (premiere in January 2019).

    Idea and concept: Eva Kocić

    Performers: Anđela Bugarija, Ema Crnić, Ema Kani, Marta Habulin, Gendis Putri Kartini, Šimun Stankov, Una Štalcar-Furač

    Music: Ivan Marojević

    Graphic design: Jakov Habjan

    Photos: Alen Kocić, Silvija Dogan

  • October 18, 2019

    Local Authors @ Periskop
    8 p.m

    Arijana Prpić / Anna Javoran

    „Stasis“, translated as a state of stagnation or inactivity, is a perpetual choreographic tension inside/between/outside of two coexisting worlds. Perceptive manipulation in relationships between bodies within time and space generates tension which leaves the viewer constantly anticipating an inverse, a dissolution or drastic change that never occurs. „Stasis“ takes place in the evolution of a movement, dynamics, and relationships. „Stasis“ is a consequence of ‘zooming in’ the minutious, accepting the anxious. The choreography is a co-authoring piece of two performers created in a Choreography course at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

    Choreography and performance: Ana Javoran i Ariana Prpić

    Mentor: doc. art. Nikolina Pristaš

    Photo: Ante Delač

    Ariana Prpić was born in Pula in 1992. In 2019 Ariana graduates at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Contemporary Dance Department – Performance Strand. She attends professional classes and workshops with various artists including Lali Ayguadé, Francesco Scavetta, Luke Jessop, Laura Aris Alvarez, Michèle Swennen, Joanne Leighton, David Hernandez, Matija Ferlin, Francisco Cordova Azuela, Hanna Hegenscheidt, etc. She collaborated with and performed for artists including Tijen Lawton, Johannes Härtl, Tony Thatcher, Aleksandra Mišić, etc. Ariana had the opportunity to present her work at Monoplay Festival in Zadar in 2017 and 2018.

    Anna Javoran was born in 1997. in Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2016 she enrolls in Zagreb's Academy of Dramatic Art'scontemporary dance course, and since then she's had the chance of working with choreographers, dancers, and pedagogues as Francesco Scavetta, Frey Faust, Silvio Lang, Matej Kejžara, Laura Aris Alvarez, Guy Nader, Petra Hrašćanec, Nikolina Pristaš, etc. Within the Academy, she's worked on performances choreographed by Ana Mrak, Sanna Myllilahti, Matej Kejžar, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld and Andrea Božić. With those performances, she's performed on the Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre in San Vincenti, on Dance Inn in Zagreb, also in Ljubljana and in Brussels, and she's had the chance to show her choreographic works on the Monoplay Festival in Zadar in 2017.

  • October 19, 2019
    Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    Nouvelle vague @ Periskop
    8 p.m

    Collectif ÈS

    Online purchase

    „Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne“  is a trio, for five dancers. These trios have as a rule to play with different actions inspired by the notion of plagiarism: to copy-paste, to steal, to take for one’s own, to seize, to replicate, to bring back to oneself… It raises the question of the collective, or how bodies are in constant dialogue and adaptation. „Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne“ is born of a conflicting wish: to be creative with a concept at the polar opposite of the notion of creation. „Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne“ looks at an era, a generation that is not ours but that has influenced us nonetheless. An era that we imagine as a time of pleasure, of creativity, of getting together: in venues, people meet to dance, to move, enjoy the music of Whitney Houston, George Michael, Bonnie Tyler, but also to sweat, to exert their physical energy through aerobics, a form of practical exercise hailing from the US. 


    Sidonie Duret, Jeremy Martinez, and Emilie Szikora meet in 2009 at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse in Lyon (France). Alongside their studies, they started to experience creating work with musicians and visual artists. In 2011 Collectif ÈS was born and its first production P’Lay’s. In 2014 Sidonie, Jeremy and Emilie continued their collaboration with Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie* and won the French dance award “Reconnaissance”. Nex work, Overgame, is premiered in January 2016. They are invited by CCN in Rillieux-La-Pape. In 2017 they make the first episode „Dance Party, I wanna dance with somebody“, the second episode is Karaodance, which premiered in March at the Subsistances, Lyon. 

    Concept & artistic direction: Collectif ÈS          

    Performers: Adriano Coletta, Sidonie Duret, Jeremy Martinez, Alexander Standard, Emilie Szikora   

    Light design: Léa Maris 

    Costume desing: Paul Andriamanana 

    Sound design: Wilfrid Haberey  

    Production: Collectif ÈS                                     

    Co-production: La Rampe - La Ponatiere Scene conventionnée, Echirolles; La Maison de la Danse, Lyon; Théatre du Vellein - Capi l'agglo, Villefontaine; La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand - Scene Nationale; Le CDC Le Pacifique, Grenoble; La Place de la danse CDCN Toulouse Occitanie; La Briqueterie CDC Val-de-Marne; Groupe des 20 - Scenes publiques / Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes 

    This program is presented in cooperation with Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak as part of the programme Nouvelle vague – contemporary French dance scene and co-financed by TEATROSKOP and French Institute.

  • October 20, 2019

    New Circus @ Periskop
    8 p.m

    Drevna zmija│Naše more / Aukcija│Agua
    Vladimir Ježić, Nikolina Majdak, Emilio the Balancer

    The very title „The Serpent of Old“, extracted from the book of Revelation 12:9, comes out from the fact that the serpents are very often, especially in western culture, seen as one of the main symbols of evil. On the other hand in other cultures around the world, the symbol of serpent has other meanings, different and often exactly opposite to the one in the west. Nachash or the serpent from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, Uroboros, Jourmangandr or the Midgard serpent, Kundalini, the Rod of Asclepius, Caduceus are some of the most important serpent symbols. The final version of this project should be a multimedia show, a mix of movement, dance, circus, theater, music, video, and other disciplines.

    Vladimir Ježić, born in Rijeka in 1989. Visual, performing and circus artist, Magister of Art Education, graduated in 2012 in Rijeka. Started his education in performing arts and contemporary dance in 2007 within the Prostor Plus in Rijeka. Since 2009 works on practicing circus arts; aerial silks, trapeze, and Poi. In 2015 graduates at Cirko Vertigo as a contemporary circus artist specializing in static trapeze. As a circus artist and performer, he participated in many shows, projects, events, and a few TV programs in Croatia, Italy and all over the world. Since 2015 works as a teacher of evening circus classes for Cirko Vertigo, and since 2018 as professor of physical theater for Cirko Vertigo’s Vocational training course for Contemporary Circus Artist. He also held several workshops in Croatia and Italy.

    Our sea” is the first part of the trilogy “About dreams”.

    Auction” is an absurd political statement.


    Nikolina Majdak, a performer, mostly playing in the field of clownery and comedy, often in direct contact and connection with the public. Her stage/playground is often the street, and her public accidental passers, who become the public by their wish and will, and for as long as they want to. She performs in theatres and other performative spaces as well and is lucky to travel all around the world with the performances she is part of. She lives in Zagreb. She has her solo project called “CIRK POZOR – fictitious solo circus”.

    Agua (water). Flowing of the movement, clearness, and solution. Flexibility and rebellion of the esthetic. Adaptation or invasion in the space, peace, and sturm. Cosmic elementary universal essence, totally unknowable.


    Emilio el Equilibrista is a circus artist and circus street performer traveling around the world with shows of balance on Rola Bola, Jugglery and Comedy. Born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied theater and contemporary dance at a regionally renowned art school in Valencia, Venezuela. Also, Emilio has continued to sharpen his skills by attending international circus conventions and training workshops.  

    Emilio is a performer that is mostly known for his street art. You are likely to find him on the most famous avenues, boulevards, and squares around the world! Audiences from Austria, Italy, Croatia, Brazil, Panama, and Costa Rica have already had the pleasure of his mystifying and extraordinary performance.

    Drevna zmija│Naše more / Aukcija│Agua #2 #3

Side Programme

  • October 10 to October 19, 2019
    Atrium of Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD), Sušak

    7 - 9 p.m

    Concept: Nives Soldičić in collaboration with UO Dance Art Laboratory

    The exhibition Development of contemporary dance in Kvarner presents a cross-section of the most important events in contemporary dance in Rijeka and Kvarner in the period from 2008 to 2018, captured by the camera. That ten years period was in the focus of Nives Soldičić because she, working in the association Prostor Plus, witnessed the emergence and presentation of dance performances and the progress of the Rijeka's performing scene in that period. From many photos by various authors with different approaches of capturing dance, the selected ones reflect most closely the spirit of a particular performance.

    This program was presented in collaboration with UO Dance Art Laboratory

  • October 4 to October 8, 2019.

    Dance workshop
    5 - 8 p.m

    Mentor: Petra Hrašćanec

    The workshop focus is to explore a range of functions of movement that together create a kinesthetic feeling of the dancing body. Through guided exploration of everyday movement, participants are invited to create a dance within their anatomical structures as well as to develop awareness of group movement patterns through simple improvisational games. Each movement consists of form and function. By discovering the functions and testing the limits of our own physical capacity through working with weight, we will try to open up a larger creative space of the body that, in contemporary dance, gives birth to authenticity.

    Petra Hrašćanec, dancer, choreographer, artistic director 21:21 and assistant professor at the Dance Department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. The focus of her interest and education (SEAD Salzburg, Pedagogical Academy Zagreb) is contemporary dance, while her works characterizes the specific use of different media for exploring the body and the physical. Since 2009, Hrašćanec has been one of the artistic directors of the contemporary dance festival MONOPLAY, which presents solo forms by renowned European artists as well as creations by young artists. Since 2013, Hrašćanec has been a lecturer and mentor at the course Contemporary Dance Technique at the Dance Department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Some of the artists she has met so far include: Francesco Scavetta, Ted Stofer, Anton Lachty, Matthew Kejar, Matthew Willam Smith, Jozef Frucek, Linda Capetanea, Trisha Baumann, Milan Kozanek, Martin Sonderkamp, Bruno Caverna, Andrew Harwood, Eileen Standley , Begum Erciyas, Susan Rethorst, Elizabeth Farr, Charles Linehan, Sanna Myllylahti, Susan Klein, David Zambrano, David Hernandez, Alexandra Janeva, Matija Ferlin.


    Registration for the workshop by 2. 10. email: festivalperiskop@gmail.com.
    Workshop fee: 350,00 kn (payment up to 27. 9.) / 400,00 kn (payment after 27. 9.) 

    Fee for this workshop + another workshop (Trapeze and creative workshop with Vladimir Ježić or Discovering Phenomena with Un loup pour l'homme): 600,00 kn (payment before 27. 9.) / 700,00 kn (payment after 27. 9.) 

    Payment on the giro account of the association Prostor Plus;
    Bank Account IBAN: HR7224020061100654822 at Erste & Steiermärkische bank with the designation of the worshop title/s

    FORM & FUNCTION #2 #3
  • October 10 to October 11, 2019

    Partner acrobatics workshop
    5 - 8:30 h / 4 - 6:30 p.m.

    Workshop leader: Un loup pour l'homme

    The workshop is based on our artistic research and its main focus within is to pursue our research of meanings that appear through physical material and share the exploration of human relation adventure that we seek with acrobatics. Content is linked to the notions developed in our shows: Appris par corps, Face Nord and Rare Birds. Acrobat’s work we perceive as an art of action and real endeavors. Subjects of the workshop:

    STEPPING ON THE BODY: is the company’s technique, a base on which we build upon our practice and principals. 

    TRANSFORMATION, ADAPTABILITY, AND MOBILITY: Being part of an evolution within a reasonable time frame and length. Acrobats are people with the ability to adapt. Changing roles, changing partners. 

    PRESENCE, STATE, AND QUALITY OF THE BODY: while being in concrete physical action. 

    MATRIX: Person is out of axis while stepping on the body with the support of another person (different scales of inclination till horizontality). 

    MOON STEP: A principle that follows the way to transporting a person. 

    LOCOMOTION and ROLLING DOGS: Processes of moving from place to place in an interconnected way. 

    DOME: Dare to try new bodies architectures.

    CONCEPT OF TOGETHERNESS: We seek the essence of our practice within simplicity. 

    THE PLAY: Principle of Game by its playful and universal aspect, makes it possible to highlight the multiple possibilities of the person. It also allows designing flexible writings, always alive, anchored in physical actions. It will, therefore, be necessary to impose constraints of research, of improvisation, conceived as rules of the game, that we will be able to constantly modify or reinvent, in order to reach interesting situations.

    INVENT THE GAME: Developing improvisational skills as a group. Listening, reading, interpreting and transforming of the action as a group. Unification of the energy of the group. Always say yes to the proposition. 

    TRUST: develop confidence in self and the other, play with your fears and defeat them. Blind work.

    WEIGHT/COUNTER-WEIGHT: Get out of verticality. Off-balance states. 

    Throughout the workshop, we care deeply about raising awareness among participants, whatever the age or background, as circus demands it anyway, of physical integrity, both individual and collective. As usual, our number one rule stays: “first, do not harm”.

    The company ‘Un Loup pour l’Homme’ was created with the wish to explore in depth partner acrobatic, also known as hand-to-hand technique. We consider this circus discipline as the physical confrontation of two or several bodies. We are developing a physical and bodily work in a rather pure manner, in order to reveal richness and complexity of human relations. Partner acrobatics are the centre of our work, which means that we are not soloists. Our main interest lies in action and observation of happenings in between individuals and within the group. The connection one creates with the other (our partner - base or flyer).

    Registration for the workshop by 7. 10. email: festivalperiskop@gmail.com.

    Workshop fee: 300,00 kn (payment up to 2. 10.) / 350,00 kn (payment after 2. 10.)
    Fee for this workshop + Trapeze and creative workshop with Vladimir Ježić: 500,00 kn (payment before 2. 10.) / 600,00 kn (payment after 2. 10.)
    Fee for this workshop + Form & Function workshop with Petra Hrašćanec: 600,00 kn (payment before 27. 9.) / 700,00 kn (payment after 27. 9.)

    Payment on the giro account of the association Prostor Plus;
    Bank Account IBAN: HR7224020061100654822 at Erste & Steiermärkische bank with the designation of the worshop title/s

  • October 19 to October 20, 2019

    Workshop for aerial performers
    9 - 12 a.m.

    Workshop leader: Vladimir Ježić

    Day 1 - Trapeze - basic/intermediate

    The workshop is intended for those who want to complement or to perfect their skills and knowledge of trapeze or to those who come from another aerial apparatus and want to try the trapeze. The level of the workshop is basic/intermediate which means that the participants should already have basic knowledge and skills of at least one aerial apparatus. The program of the workshop is divided into 3 main parts; the general warm-up and physical preparation, the specific physical preparation on the trapeze, and the technical work on the trapeze including both static and dynamic elements and tricks. The technical work on the trapeze comprehends also the application of trapeze technique on other aerial apparatuses. 


    *It is preferable that you bring with you a pair of the ankle and arm protections, leg or arm warmers or simply a pair of sports socks that you can cut and turn them in the protections. 


    Day 2 – Creative exploration for aerial performers 

    The workshop is intended for those who already have some knowledge and skill of aerial training and would like to add to it the quality of the performance, those who want to complement their artistic expression, those who want to explore and experiment in search of the new forms and possibilities of artistic expression or simply want to try to do artistic research and explore their own artistic expression. The goal of this part of the workshop is to generate personal artistic material through various improvisation and composition techniques with a focus on the expression of the body, the quality of movement, the relations of the body and the apparatus, space, the music, the audience and other elements that can influence the performance.

    Vladimir Ježić, born in Rijeka in 1989. Visual, performing and circus artist, Magister of Art Education, graduated in 2012 in Rijeka. Started his education in performing arts and contemporary dance in 2007 within the Prostor Plus in Rijeka. Since 2009 works on practicing circus arts; aerial silks, trapeze, and Poi. In 2015 graduates at Cirko Vertigo as a contemporary circus artist specializing in static trapeze. As a circus artist and performer, he participated in many shows, projects, events, and a few TV programs in Croatia, Italy and all over the world. Since 2015 works as a teacher of evening circus classes at Cirko Vertigo, and since 2018 as professor of physical theater at Cirko Vertigo’s Vocational training course for Contemporary Circus Artist. He also led several workshops in Croatia and Italy.

    Registration for the workshop by 15. 10. email: festivalperiskop@gmail.com.
    Participants limit: 10 persons.

    Workshop fee: 300,00 kn (payment up to 7. 10.) / 350,00 kn (payment after 7. 10.)
    Fee for this workshop + Discovering Phenomena with Un loup pour l'homme: 500,00 kn (payment before 2. 10.) / 600,00 kn (payment after 2. 10.)
    Fee for this workshop + Form & Function with Petra Hrašćanec: 600,00 kn (payment before do 27. 9.) / 700,00 kn (payment after do 27. 9.)

    Payment on the giro account of the association Prostor Plus;
    Bank Account IBAN: HR7224020061100654822 at Erste & Steiermärkische bank with the designation of the worshop title/s

  • October 10 to October 20, 2019

    Dance critic workshop
    6 - 8 p.m

    Mentor: Ivana Slunjski

    This workshop is intended for potential dance critics and existing ascending authors who will be more closely acquainted with the features of dance art and dance contexts and develop their analytical approach to watching performances and critical writing skills. 

    The workshop will cover both theoretical and practical aspects, both in terms of dance and dance criticism. Participants will gain insight into topics important for anyone who is confronted with writing about dance - how to interpret the scene and movement, how the body produces meaning in a particular context, how to read the body that alternates with possibilities and / or looks with the usual conceptions of dance and the dancer, how to consider dance quotes and the relationship between recent productions with dance classics and other arts etc. We will talk about different types of critical writing, the possibilities of criticism regarding electronic media, the importance of critical thinking today, the necessary elements of a critical text, the necessity and the importance of arguing the critical attitude. We will try to master practical tasks - focusing on a particular segment of the play while watching a performance, setting up a framework for interpretation, connecting different elements that appear during the analysis, and supporting the thesis by what we have seen. Participants are expected to actively participate in analysing the performances that they will watch during the festival and to write at least one critical text after the festival which will be then published on the workshop’s blog.

    The workshop will be led by dance critic and theoretic Ivana Slunjski.

    Registration for the workshop by 5.10. email: festival.periskop@gmail.com. The workshop is free and the participants limit is 10 persons. 


Reservations and ticket information:

Tickets for all programs can be purchased at the cash desk at the place of performance an hour before the start of each show. 

Programmes in HKD in Sušak:

Programmes Nouvelle vague – HRK 80
Other programmes in HKD in Sušak - HRK 50

Cashier's office of Croatian Cultural Centre (HKD) Sušak, Ul. Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 1, Rijeka
Info: info@hkd-rijeka.hr

Programmes in Filodrammatica:

Programmes in Filodrammatica - HRK 40
Set of Tickets for programmes in Filodrammatica – HRK 100 

Cashier's office of Filodrammatica, Korzo 28, I kat, Rijeka

Info: festival.periskop@gmail.com

Tickets are available In presale only for Nouvelle vague programmes - Muyte Maker and Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne:

Online purchase: mojekarte.hr
Dallas Records Rijeka, Splitska 2a
Foto Revija, Užarska 28
Robna kuća Korzo - caffe bar Nad Urom - IV kat, Trg Ivana Koblera 1
New Sound, Trg maršala Tita 2, Matulji
KD Kostrena, Žuknica 1b, Kostrena


New Horizons and Local Authors - festival selection results

Dear colleagues,
thank you very much for the trust and the desire to participate in the 4th edition of the Festival of contemporary dance and movement - Periskop. It was our pleasure to get to know you through your work and the thoughts you have put in it, those of you who are applying for the first time and you dear well-known colleagues. Thank you all! This year's program selection is as follows:

1. Škvadra: Ne čujem te, mrak je

1. A.Prpić/A.Javoran: Stasis

See you in Rijeka from October 4th to 20th, 2019!
team Periskop

Open call for contemporary dance artists

We invite contemporary dance artists from Rijeka and the surrounding area to apply for participation in the Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement - Periscope in Rijeka, which will take place from 4 to 18 October 2019.

Periscope is a festival that brings together artists from Croatia and abroad. It is organized by Prostor Plus, to decentralize the dance and circus arts in Croatia and enhancing the artistic, performing, and educational potential of contemporary dance, movement, and new circus in Rijeka.

Applications must be submitted by August 19, 2019, email festival.periskop@gmail.com, with the subject line: Application for participation in the Periscope Festival - local authors, which must include:

  • CV and contact,
  • performance description,
  • technical requirements,
  • photos and video, (Vimeo or youtube)
  • a selection of reviews or reviews from the media.

The festival provides: 

  • venue, 
  • basic technical conditions, 
  • sound and light technician for general rehearsal and performance, 
  • rehearsal space and fee.

The results of the selection will be notified by email no later than 23/08/2019 and published on Prostor Plus web page.

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